31 maio 2007

News Flash: More success!

Over half of Starbucks' milk supply is now free of artificial growth hormones. Thanks to many calls, email, and protests from healthy food advocates, Starbucks has upped its rBGH-free milk supply from just 27% to 51% of its total milk supply since the end of 2006.

Starbucks promotes itself as a socially responsible company and, with more than 6,000 stores nationwide, buys a lot of milk. If Starbucks made a complete switch to rBGH-free milk it would send a strong message to the dairy industry about consumers distaste for recombinant bovine growth hormone.

In January, Starbucks' stores in: Alaska, Washington, Oregon, northern California, northern Nevada, New Mexico, Montana, Idaho, Texas, Maine, New Hampshire, parts of Connecticut, Massachusetts, Vermont, and Rhode Island were rBGH-free. Now Starbucks has added Arizona, southern Nevada, Colorado, Wyoming, Washington D.C., Virginia, Maryland, parts of Pennsylvania, and parts of New Jersey to its list of rBGH-free store locations. This is great news! And comes hard on the heels of many other brands getting added hormones out of their milk supply.

Keep the pressure up:

Call Starbucks at: 1 (800) 235-2883

The line should be staffed Mon - Fri 5 AM - 6 PM PST. (Click here for talking points.)

Or send an email .


In other news, we have free postcards to distribute regarding the offensive plan to label irradiated food as "cold pasteurized," "electronically pasteurized", or to even leave products unlabeled. If you would like free postcards to give to friends, farmer's markets, health food stores, etc. email food(at)fwwatch.org with your mailing address and the number of postcards you would like.

Thank you!

~Audrey Hill
Food & Water Watch

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