02 março 2007

No The Ecologist desse mês:

This week marks the start of Fairtrade Fortnight - two weeks when shoppers are encouraged to make ethical choices in the aisles.

But how 'fair' is fairtrade? Has it made a real difference? Can it ever work in the face of Western agricultural subsidies? Will fairtrade farmers become organic farmers as well? What about the food miles clocked up as our tea is transported from Africa?

Find the answers to all these questions and more in our exclusive series of podcast interviews with the Director of the Fairtrade Foundation, Harriet Lamb, and fairtrade tea grower and cooperative owner, Silver Kasoro.

Fairtrade Fortnight - just less-unfair trade?
Fairtrade is sometimes described as merely 'less-unfair trade'. Are there global trading mechanisms that need to be tackled first before fairtrade can work? What about the role of subsidies? Click here to find out.

Fairtrade Fortnight - can fairtrade be organic?
What is the role of organic farming in fairtrade cooperatives? Will higher prices encourage more intensive farming? Click here to find out.

Fairtrade Fortnight - can fairtrade be local and low-carbon?
Fairtrade products brought to the UK from farms in the economically poor world incur food miles, which environmentalists are trying to reduce. Can 'fairtrade' and 'buy local' campaigns sit together? Click here to listen to the interview.

Fairtrade Fortnight - could European products be fairly traded too?
Fairtrade has brought rewards to farmers in Africa and Asia. Is there a role is could play in poorer European countries as well? Click here to download.
Fairtrade Fortnight - what does the label cover?

The Fairtrade logo is renowned and trusted. But exactly what aspects of production does it cover? Will it ever be extended to the whole supply chain? Harriet Lamb responds.
Fairtrade Fortnight - what difference has it made?

Silver Kasoro, a fairtrade tea grower, explains the difference that fairtrade has made to the lives of farmers in Africa. Click here to listen.

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