04 agosto 2007

Strengthening Local Economies & Sustainable Communities

Strong local economies are the foundation of strong communities that can grow and withstand the pressures of an increasingly urbanized world, according to State of the World 2007. And strong communities require a holistic approach that not only provides the traditional deliverables of economic development—jobs, income, wealth, and security—but also protects the environment, improves community infrastructure, increases and develops local skills and capacity, strengthens the social fabric, and respects heritage and cultural identity.

In many cities, towns, and villages, communities are drawing on the existing social capital to establish projects that improve their shared well-being. The rich array of local, community-based sustainable development efforts around the world is having a significant impact on energy use, ecological restoration, green building design, and improved social capital and civic participation. In State of the World 2008, Worldwatch Research Associate Erik Assadourian will assess the impacts these communities are having on building a sustainable world.

Poll: Eco-Community Living
What do you think is the most compelling motivation to live in an ecovillage or other type of sustainable community?

Reducing one's ecological footprint by living in a community that utilizes renewable energy sources, efficient building techniques, community gardens, or natural waste management.
Restoring a sense of community with fellow residents through shared activities and meals.
The reduced stress of returning to a simpler lifestyle.

The reduced cost of shared resources such as major appliances and cars.
None. I don't find the idea of living in an ecovillage compelling at all.
Other (leave a comment!)
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