01 fevereiro 2007

Entrevistas recentes do The Ecologist em inglês.

Interview with William Hudson, 27/01/07
William Hudson, an ex-strawberry farmer from Essex, speaks candidly about how supermarket buyers treat suppliers, create packaging cartels and keep farmers gagged.

Listen to the interview by clicking here.

Fabian Society Annual Conference, 13/01/07
The Labour think-tank the Fabian Society held its annual meeting on Saturday 13th January. Under a motion of 'Can't We Get Greener Than This?', four speakers including David Miliband MP offered their views.

David Miliband, Secretary of State for the Environment: "Climate change needs Labour and Labour needs climate change". Can he be serious? Download.

Stephen Hale, Director of Green Alliance: "Labour are in trouble; we need to see action now" Download.

Mark Lynas, author of High Tide - News From a Warming World: "We need to address consumption as the essential issue" Download.

Nick Butler, Centre for Energy Policy Studies: "Technology can still save us" Download.

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